Germanelite Super Bright Rechargeable Emergency Lantern & Flashlight (2in1) Combo Pack

Using rechargeable batteries is not only a way to support environmental protection,but also a way to low down the use-cost on the long run.This high-intensity flashlight is integrated with built-in charging is easy to operate Just put the AC adaptor plug into the charging socket which is covered by a rotating rubber sheath below switch.The sheath protects the socket from dust and water.The high power CREE LED used provides 150 lumens about 30times brighter than common LED
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Housing                   :  ABS

Switch mode            : Brightness adjustable

Lighting source        : 24pcs 0.2W New LED

Driving current         : 1300+80mA

Function                   : Brightness adjustable

High output              : 450 lumens

Runing time              : For High > ( = )10hours

Battery                      : Panasonic 6V 4.5Ah rechargeable lead acid battery.

Transformer              : Electronic transformer

Indicator                    : Red charging indicator LED

Charging time            : 8-12 hours

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