Stargold 5.1 Bluetooth Home Theatre Speakers SG-G10

This speaker system consists of 1 subwoofer and 5 satellite speakers. The subwoofer has compact and sleek structure that makes it easy to install and place, while the RGB glow light enhances its appearance. The five satellite speakers can be placed vertically with comfort, as they are slim and occupy very little space. The classic design of this speaker system will add to the glamour of your living room décor.The Bluetooth feature of this appliance liberates you from the hassle of wires and allows you to connect your favourite music device without any wires!The five satellite speakers of this Stargold 5.1 are engineered to deliver balanced and crisp sound. These speakers prevent sound distortion and allow you to listen to clear and detailed sound. It comes with inbuilt FM radio and has LED indicator that offers ease of access. With this you can have access to your favourite radio stations and also listen to the music of your choice from your USB storage device. The subwoofer creates thumping bass and brings all sound bites to life. The volume/media control buttons are positioned in the front and are easy to use. This music system comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust settings of this appliance without moving away from your place.
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Features SD, USB, Mp3, FM
Connectivity Wire + Bluetooth
Satellite Speaker 5
Subwoofer 1

Power  Output of  Sub woofer        -  RMS  40W

Power  Output of Satellite              - 15WX5

P.M.P.O                                           - 15000W

Frequency response  :Sub woofer  -  120Hz - 20KHz

                                   :Satellite        - 20Hz  - 170Hz

Power                                               - AC220-240V/50-60Hz

Speaker unit                                       - 6.5"+(3"x2)

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