Aftron Water Dispenser

The Aftron AFWD5780 Water Dispenser takes care of all your everyday water requirements. Designed keeping the user's convenience in mind, this unit comes with a whole load of utilitarian features that combine together to offer the most comfortable water-dispensing solution.
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  • Comes with double safety protection

  • Sports two outlets for hot and cold water

  • Equipped with knob controls

  • Lightweight frame is portable



Utilitarian Design

The water dispenser is made from tough and durable plastic, which is guaranteed to stand the test of time. The unit is also lightweight, making it easy to move it around as per your requirements.


Hot and Cold Water

The Aftron AFWD5780 Water Dispenser is equipped with two outlets, one for hot water and the other for cold water. The two outlets sport push-type tap designs that come with knob controls.

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